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Powerhouse Racing has partnered up with Vibrant Pilates to offer more strength training opportunities to our athletes as well as the surrounding community. Strength training is an important component in building a complete athlete, as well as re-building athletes returning from an injury or time away from the sport. Instructor Nicole is  a classically trained and certified pilates instructor whose passion lies with inspiring people to be in control of their health and well-being through the Pilates method.



The Pilates method is a form of exercise that creates strength, flexibility, increased energy, decreased stress, improved posture, increased coordination, stronger bones, greater lung capacity, enhanced stability, and uniformly developed muscles. Put simply, pilates focuses on movement and breath. Unlike other forms of exercise, pilates does not use weights or excessive repetitions. In fact, most of the movements are typically performed just three to five times. The Pilates method emphasizes form and breathing to create long, lean muscles. Where other methods equate muscle bulk with strength pilates teaches that muscles should be firm, yet pliable. The Pilates method is about creating strong, healthy bodies that carry us through our day pain and injury free.

TRX Suspension Training

Born in the Navy SEALs, suspension training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.


“Yoga ties into triathlon training by offering an alternative form of exercise that helps build strength and endurance, while increasing efficiency and economy of movement at the same time.

The yoga poses teach patience, breath control and allow an athlete to slow down and develop an awareness of their body. This awareness often translates into the ability to remain calm and collected in the face of diversity and intensity. Yoga helps you see things as they are and focus so the mental chatter dies down.”

(Excerpt from triathlon “Yoga for Triathletes”)

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