Scott Weinstein-Kids Tri

scotzillaI’m Coach Scott, but around the Powerhouse you might hear Johnny call me “Scottzilla.” I answer to both, although my name is Scott Weinstein. I am a certified USAT Level I and Youth & Junior Coach. Originally from Middletown, Ohio, I’ve lived in and around Pearland for more than 15 years, where all five of my children (Team Scottzilla) were born.

My love of triathlon began when, on a whim, I volunteered at a race near my home. By the end of the swim I knew I had to tri(!) it for myself. Since then Melanie coached me through many sprint distance and longer races, including half iron. Competing as a Clydesdale, I’ve also landed on the podium multiple times. I love the half iron distance, and one day soon will compete in a full iron distance race.

In 2014 I took a break from competition because of a series of health challenges. During this hiatus my family discovered that our youngest son has special needs. We also discovered that exercise works like a miracle “drug” for him. When I saw how much he loves to swim, bike, and run, run, run, I registered him for his first kids’ triathlon. As I coached him, I realized that I love coaching just as much as I love racing, and his special needs create a challenge that I rather enjoy overcoming. With the encouragement of Powerhouse Coaches Melanie and Johnny I attained USAT certifications, with the goal of helping others, especially youth and juniors, reach their goals.

Triathlon is an individual sport, which I believe should develop the individual by providing a mature sense of sportsmanship, race-day ethics, camaraderie, fitness, and fun. I look forward to sharing those things with athletes of all ages!