Russ Dawkins- Triathlon

Coach RussRuss Dawkins is an IRONMAN Certified Coach with numerous Triathlons to his credit. Originally from Wichita Kansas, he grew up the son of a football coach. As a child when it came to sports if it had a ball, he played. His first love was soccer and played and or coached for over 32 years. He moved to Houston in 1996 and soon took up running as a way to stay fit for soccer. Running eventually became a passion that developed into Triathlon in 2011.

Russ started training with Powerhouse in 2014 and soon saw the benefits of the Powerhouse philosophy. He was able to qualify for the USAT Age Group Nationals in Triathlon and Duathlon under Powerhouse Racing coaching. “My philosophy is two part. First, which is probably similar to most of the coaches at Powerhouse, is consistency and balance. This is achieved by having a personal relationship with your athlete. There are three constants to a Triathlete: Family, Work and Training. If an athlete is not balanced in his or her approach to all three, then one or more of these variables will suffer. As a coach you must help your athlete find that balance. Second is to embrace the process. The process helps you to grow physically and mentally. If you believe in and embrace the training you will not only grow physically, but mentally too. That little edge may be what you need to get through a tough workout or race.”


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“I am grateful for the opportunity to join the Powerhouse Racing Team. Powerhouse has set themselves apart from other Triathlon clubs, by the services they offer and by the atmosphere they create. They are not only a team, but a family and a community. Please stop in and attend one of our numerous training opportunities during the week. The coaches and staff are extremely knowledgeable and can answer all your questions, so that you can get on the road to fulfilling your goals.”