Triathlon Coaching

coach collageCUSTOM TRIATHLON COACHING –  Your Powerhouse coach will build an ideal program that suits your busy life style. Considering your goal race we look at long term and short term goals. Meet with Powerhouse coaches and together we will develop the best training plan for you. This program includes a personal training plan, group bike and run workouts, 1 TRX training session/week, and long bike/runs on the weekend. Starting at $150/monthly

GROUP TRIATHLON TRAINING Using your own Training Peaks account we will train you with a comprehensive training plan targeting seasonal distance races to include Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman target races.  Group training workouts include: Yoga for Endurance Athletes, bike/run threshold assessments, core/speed track work, and weekend long bike/run workouts. Starting at $100/monthly

DROP-IN WORKOUTS – Drop in workouts are available if you’re interested in training with a group of people but don’t require coaching or a training plan. Weekend outdoor workouts are FREE (run and ride). Click here for individual training schedule.