Bike Maintenance


Sprint Clean – $50
Hot water wash of frame, wheels, pads, attachments
Hand clean accessible surfaces with degreaser
Clean chain with Finish Line Pro chain cleaner
Final rinse with water
Re-lube chain, brakes, derailleurs
Adjust shifting and brakes
Multipoint Safety Check (tires, brake pads, attachments, etc.)
Bike remains assembled

Full Detail – $150
All items in Sprint Clean plus:
Remove chain, cassette, jockey wheels for multistep hand wash and degrease 
Remove wheels for detailed cleaning
Detailing of additionally accessible parts of frame, cranks, front dr., brakes, etc.

Cleaning Notes:
Owner will be contacted for approval before any additional work is performed 
Neglected / extremely soiled bikes will be billed an additional $30 (minimum)
Plan on 4 days turnaround (NOTE: rain and cold shut down cleaning station)
Emergency schedules may be available but will be accomplished after normal hours (to avoid impacting other customers) and will be billed at 1.5 times normal costs

Misc Items
Bottom Bracket Clean and Inspect – $40
Head Set Clean and Inspection – $40
Repack wheel bearings – $20 Front / $30 Rear 
Repack pedal bearings – $20 per set 
Bar tape – $25 (plus material)
New Cables (re-use housings) – $12
Housing Replacement – $4 per foot 
Replace tubes and or tires – $8 per wheel
Installation of and pairing of computers, power meters, sensors, hydration systems, saddles, clip on aero bars and pedals purchased at PH – Free

Many other installations, additions, repairs and modifications are available.
Please contact us to get an estimate.
– DI2 installation
– Bike Shipping – Disassembly, boxing, box rental, unboxing reassembly, cleaning
– Wheel truing / broken spokes

*Prices reflects labor only and do not include parts.  If your bike requires replacement parts, you will be consulted before we proceed with repair.

**Bikes may be dropped off during hours of operation. Most maintenance services will have a turn around of 1-2 business days but is not guaranteed. Contact us for more information.