About Us


Powerhouse Racing The Powerhouse Racing logo stands as a symbol of strength, courage and experience.  While recovering from his hip injury, Johnny would warm up on the track at Turner High School in Pearland. He ran barefoot on the orange surfaced track so he could re-feel his footing and his gate underneath him, rather than striding out. As a result of running on the orange track, Johnny’s feet would turn orange and leave an orange footprint wherever he stepped.  This stood as a reminder to him of his journey to become whole. Thus, the Powerhouse Orange Foot logo was born.

 Powerhouse Racing is a Bike Fit and Triathlon training  Studio, and Pro Shop.



The endurance sports community is growing yet still very under served.  The owners of Powerhouse Racing have a vision that will change the way people think about their training and deliver the concepts that will help build a complete athlete. One thing that needs to change is the way age group athletes think about their goals and the path they choose to achieve their best. Powerhouse Racing will help you believe in yourself and help you envision your greatest achievements.

Coach Johnny Z. and Coach Melanie Yarzy