Airrosti – Natalie Bodziony

Bodziony-Natalie-webWe welcome Airrosti Certified Provider, Dr. Natalie Bodziony (MS, DC) to the Powerhouse Racing family. Dr. Bodziony, who is also a Powerhouse athlete, hails to us from Ketchikan, Alaska. “Airrosti is an opportunity for me to change peoples lives by making them pain free. No matter if their goal is to be able to move from sitting to standing or compete in an Ironman triathlon, I want to help. Airrosti makes this possible.”

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Vibrant Pilates

Vibrant Pilates Logo

Powerhouse Racing has partnered up with Vibrant Pilates to offer more strength training opportunities to our athletes as well as the surrounding community. Strength training is an important component in building a complete athlete, as well as re-building athletes returning from an injury or time away from the sport. Instructor Nicole is  a classically trained and certified pilates instructor whose passion lies with inspiring people to be in control of their health and well-being through the Pilates method.


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Massage – Lisa Yarzy

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I appreciate your consideration in partnering with me to improve your body’s daily quality of life! I use a specific combination of methods and techniques just for your personal needs. No body gets the same massage! Since September of 2001, I have enjoyed my work as a massage therapist. We get bound and limited by muscular restrictions. This tension can greatly reduce our energy levels, interrupt our sleep patterns and can also keep us susceptible to illness by holding toxins in that compromise our immune system. That is all without any pain! Pain that is meant to alert us of further compromises to our spine, joints, nerves, and ultimately organ health. Break out of the bondage that is keeping you from being the new & improved better you, in a life that is meant for you to live with vitality. It is all waiting to be released from within you.

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